Dual Track Programme

fotolia_35609972Ingenious Dual: hkc works actively with institutions of higher education who offer the “Dual Track Programme”.  50 Per-cent lecture hall theory, 50 per-cent on the job practice: This principle has already proven itself since 2011, when Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude first took this route for the degree programme in Civil Engineering. While professional experience is gathered through internships in classical academic training, the dual track programme communicates the needed knowledge both theoretically as well as on-site in the business operations- and that with nearly equal division of time.

The dual track programme in Civil Engineering equips students with a broad foundation of basic knowledge. The main areas of concentration lie on planning, draughting, construction, execution and maintaining structures in above-ground construction and civil engineering work. It is however also used for transport-related infrastructure as well as other structural facilities.

Master Craftsman’s Certificate-Combination: Degree studies and Master Craftsman’s Certificate, -this is of interest for all who have first learned a skilled trade after earning the (technical) college diploma and want to add additional studies to it later. Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude in collaboration with the Chamber of Trades of Lüneburg-Stade offers these candidates a broad range of benefits. Just contact us!

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