Village Churches in Need

soziales2We work all over Germany but our home is in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. There is a rich body of cultural treasures in the coastal plains of the state along the Baltic: Monuments of Gothic brick construction are characteristic of the region and worth preserving. This applies both to large cathedrals and parish churches, but especially to the “little” village churches of which there are around 1,000 still standing out in rural areas. With their simple beauty they have become an unmistakable symbol of our cultural landscape.

As structural engineers and architects we know that these structures cannot be left to themselves. More than a quarter of church buildings are in danger of permanent structural loss and the need for restoration is immense. This was most dramatically demonstrated recently when the “Tornado of Bützow” destroyed the entire roof of the local church overnight.

The Association for Endangered Village Churches in Mecklenburg and in Western Pomerania e.V.  (German name “Verein Dorfkirchen in Not in Mecklenburg and in Vorpommern e.V.”) was founded with the ambitious goal of preserving these unique village churches for the future. The association supports communities with information, solicits financial assistance, arranges sponsorships and promotes active participation. We at hkc also bring out know-how and financial support to this work.

“Dorfkirchen in Not” is a volunteer organisation, politically independent and ecumenical. For additional information, see the Association’s homepage at

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