Renovation of Pre-War Buildings


Aesthetic designs that preserve cultural values: Renovation of pre-war buildings is becoming more important and not just in terms of preserving historical monuments.  In public perception, renovation and increasing the value of existing buildings is a win for the local image and for the building’s user.

This does not mean that the architects and engineers at hkc don’t use modern style elements in the careful renovation of existing buildings. New functions and materials are harmoniously combined with the old structure. The character of a building is hardly influenced and it fits seamlessly into the overall appearance of the surrounding structural environment.

Our many years of collaboration with the Bahn AG have produced a wide variety of references in the field of renovating pre-war buildings. We are specialised in the restoration of reception buildings, train station halls and train platform roofs. Renovation and re-purposing of old industrial buildings also constitutes a significant portion of our work.

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