Heating +Ventilation +Sanitation

hkc-heizung-lueftung-sanitaerEmbedding conventional functions such as heating, ventilation and sanitation systems is standard procedure in a new building. What is not taken for granted is that the project will be handled exclusively by technical experts who are specifically trained to work in this field. Whether the project encompasses simple buildings or complex office and administrative architecture:  At hkc GmbH even the most basic TBE-systems are very high on the list of priorities.

Specifically included in the areas of heating / ventilation / sanitation are:

Sanitation engineering with water pre-treatment and waste water treatment

  • Media technology
  • Compressed air plants
  • Vacuum cleaning systems
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Extinguishing systems (hydrants, sprinkler systems, foam extinguishing systems, gas extinguishing systems).
  • Heating, heat pumps, gas supplies
  • Air conditioning, ventilation, extraction, smoke extraction systems
  • Compressed air technical systems
  • Refrigeration and cooling technology
  • Ceilings with integrated cooling systems
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